The Start of Skid Row





No one called them skid rows yet, but these neighborhoods were emerging in cities in the United States before the Civil War, with workhouses and hospitals and philanthropic orders. There were plenty of agricultural workers and immigrants looking for jobs. After the Civil War, war veterans, many of them disabled, large numbers of immigrants and blacks from the south all contributed to increased unemployment and the establishment in American cities of soup kitchens and emergency services.

By 1900, most U.S. cities had their own skid rows. They had to. Skid rows contained the cheapest pool of temporary labor available. These were strong men. Tough men. Single men. Some didn’t want to work but most did. Long labor pool lines with preference for regulars have always been a complaint of job-seekers in skid rows. The men worked on the railroad, for lumber companies, in the seaports, as field hands under the sun picking fruit and vegetables and harvesting grain. And they built the first buildings at a time when there wasn’t the machinery to build industry like there is today. They did it by gripping a tool and wheel barrowing earth and mortar, the old fashioned way to rock-hard abs.

These men, who worked for as little as their employers could possibly pay, needed a place to live and so skid row’s low-rent, single-room hotels, shared bathrooms, and cheap taverns made sense. These men were transient, known as hobos, moving from place to place, following the work, escaping from family and responsibilities. They worked hard and played hard.

In downtown L.A. and around the massive railroad terminals of Chicago’s West Madison Street and the docks near New York’s Bowery the men lived the same lives.

After World War II, the population of skid rows declined because many had joined the army or worked industrial jobs in the war effort, like everybody else. The GI Bill of Rights and other social welfare benefits helped many move out of skid row. And because the railroads had been built, and the ports too, there wasn’t as much a need for transient, migratory workers anymore. Important people in the large American cities saw this and moved to tear down their skid rows.

Chicago shut down its skid row missions and saloons and bulldozed and gut its single-room occupancy hotels. In its place went expensive apartment buildings. New York’s Bowery has also become a high-class neighborhood. The people tossed on the street because they no longer could afford the rent aren’t to be found in the history of these cities.

Neither are they found in the history of Los Angeles, although Los Angeles did not bulldoze its skid row. The reason was L.A. had such a large skid row, with so many desperate people taking the railroad to the end of the line. City and business leaders feared what demolishing the entire skid row would mean for the downtown office and department store buildings across the street. L.A.’s skid row was too big to take down altogether. So instead, city and business leaders decided to chip away at skid row, and they have not stopped chipping away at it and the people who live there.


1955 photo credit to USC Digital Archives.

Sources for this article include interviews; Central City East and its Fifth Street Skid Row: A Study of Community Social Structure and Feasible Redevelopment by Ronald C. Vander Kooi, Jan. 1969; Near Downtown’s Glitter Lies a Civic Problem by Carla Rivera, 2005, L.A. Times; Central City Development Committee, Summary Central City East Project, undated, late 1960s;  Bummed Out: How Skid Row went from “The Land of the Living Dead” to Cappuccinos and Condos by David Witter, 2010, New City Street Smart Chicago; Skid Row to Luxury Gold? by Brendan Flaherty, 2008, The Cooperator

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  • she writes says:

    I had no idea how skid rows started. It’s interesting to see a more journalistic piece of your writing, Ed. It continues to astound me how serious this problem of not enough pay to live is impacting people around me all the time. I appreciate your compassionate voice in this issue that so many people believe is simply the fault of those who find themselves financially devastated and living in the ramifications of that. Thank you for taking time regularly to writ about it. I hope it opens up people’s eyes and hearts to not just read, but do something.


  • hedgewitch says:

    Thanks for the look at a sad phenomenon–history many will never know. I’ve seen it but fortunately not had to live it, and it’s still there–only now we have the added dimension of those that not even a cheap flophouse will take in, the mentally ill and the displaced which our society no longer makes any provision for. Excellent essay, Ed.

  • Pat Hatt says:

    Seems to be a trend that never stops, people want to have everything look all nice and pretty and forget about those who they consider aren’t. Pushing and pushing until there is no place left.

  • Mark Dixon says:

    In “Death of the Hired Man”, Robert Frost said that home was the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in. For decades, Skid Row was like that as well. If you had lost everything but the clothes on your back, you could go there, and the cops would more or less leave you alone, and someone would give you a handout or a hot meal. I know you’ve cooked and served a lot of those hot meals yourself, to people who had nothing left. You’re qualified to talk about the Row.

  • Christine says:

    Very poignant, Ed…

    I don’t know if Denver has a particular area designated as “skid row” – but we certainly have a population of homeless people, and shelters, that the city is trying to hide. And I have no idea where they have hid them! I keep looking in the same old places, but they no longer seem to hide in plane sight anymore. The city no longer “allows” the homeless to panhandle. If you want to give money to the homeless you are supposed to use a special kiosk to insert your money, and the city will then dole it out to the homeless – yeah right. Just another form of “chipping away.”

  • Mary says:

    This is enlightening, Ed. I had not known where the term came from or how they originated. Thank you for this.

  • Wine and Words says:

    I work in the heart of downtown Stockton. At the Mac Donalds at the end of my offramp there several dozen guys there everyday…waiting for someone to drive up and offer them a day job for cash under the table. Don’t even think about pulling up to get gas with a UHaul behind you. You’ll be mobbed with offers to help you move in or move out for a pittance. Breaks my heart. Yeah….applying for work with a resume of rock hard abs.

  • ED PILOLLA says:

    it’s illegal to panhandle in denver. i didn’t know that. thanks.
    our fearless leaders create this grand economy that impoverishes huge chunks of society and then they outlaw begging for money.

  • ED PILOLLA says:

    the original “skid row” was in seattle where lumbermen skidded trunks of trees down to the harbor. vancouver, seattle’s rival city, gets sore over this claim because vancouver says its skid row was the first. regardless, the men in both places received their pay, used a portion for beer and broads, as per the vernacular of the time, and lived their off-seasons along the skidded path waiting to be rehired.

  • Tracy says:

    Not long ago we saw a program on TV related to this topic, that of skid rows in NYC. It is heartbreaking how for 100+ years big city leaders have been pushing people out, while they fill their own pockets. Over here in Europe you see a lot of panhandling. It is sometimes hard to make sense of what happens for those who are homeless and where do they go… The bureaucracy seems to be quietly eroding them away from the city scenes by one means or another.

  • Stacy says:

    Ed, this is very interesting and sad! I actually did not know what “skid row” meant.

  • Margo says:

    You are always worth reading.

  • G says:

    Today is poorly ethical, isn’t it?

  • Gladis Leriche says:

    Good article. Do you have any thoughts on where to hire some professional writers? Thanks in advance :)

  • ED PILOLLA says:

    hire me! well, first thing first: what are you paying?

  • Ragini says:

    By Jason McIntosh August 12, 2010 – 5:56 pmI live in Australia. So obviously I can’t make it. But I will be there in siript.You are all modern day saints. The work you do is truly inspiring. I wish I could hug every one of you. Bless you all.

  • Yeriel says:

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  • Stella says:

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